I’m excited to announce the arrival of my newly downloadable vocal album “I’ll Be Seeing You,” a Jazz Standard album backed by some of the greatest Jazz musicians in the world!  There are several ways to check it out.  On Itunes, on Amazon, CDbaby amidst several others. You can hear me on Spotify, Jango, Rhapsody and other internet radio stations as well.

Check out my now downloadable vocal jazz album!
Check out my now downloadable vocal jazz album!


7 thoughts on “Christopher Hopkins Vocal CD Now Available for Download!

  1. Christopher I just want to tell you that you are so much fun to watch. The coming up roses post made my day, (dude you crack me up) and I have had a week full of really horrible. Thank you for everything you do.

  2. There is nothing better than making others happy ………so you must being a very happy
    Person!!! Full of life!!
    Thank you for your beautiful videos …. it’s like being a little happy just watching them.
    I wished I would stay somewhere close ?

  3. Christopher! You are my sunshine …..you really are!
    Just waiting to receive today from Amazon…your book.
    I am new to your site…and am trying to catch up on all the videos/ blogs & “whatz up!”…
    Love your voice…you are a romantic!
    I need a come back after seeing what great things you have done for others.
    Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life through your work.
    I’ve recently lost the love of my life…& need to get back to living….bless you!

    1. How lovely, Ena. And how tragic, I can’t even begin to imagine. And when I do I have to stop. Do you have my book? That does help when “Staging Your Comeback!” Thank you.

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