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“I Need Some Drama,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Shari has weak, limp hair but it is naturally curly. She wanted volume, and messy and fun so by supporting the natural curl and letting it airdry we we able to capture a bit more zest. Amy Goulett lifted the eyes and Margaret Bodensteiner took out the gold and created a more skin flattering ash blonde.

Speaker 1:    We’re taking her from a warm, golden blonde from a brighter, cooler blonde. The regrowth will be a lot less noticeable and it will complement her and       her skin tone a lot more.

Speaker 2:      Mainly in the T-zone and under the eyes, this is where I put the face primer for smoothing and brightening. This is where we clean up the eye shadow that has fallen. Use your ring fingers, your weakest fingers and then lift up angular from your bones to the corner of your eye.

Sherry Vincent:  Like We did.

Speaker 2:           Make sure that we’re getting any of that eye shadow all over that angle because that’ll just pull down eyes so we’re lifting your eyes.

Sherry Vincent:     Sherry Vincent. I heard about it from  Julia. I’m so excited. I’m so thrilled with the look. I love the new color. I love the new hair cut. It’s just completely what I was hoping it would be.

I think just some drama. I’m an interior designer. I’d like to have something that kind of speaks my career and we have a wedding coming up. Our son’s getting married in October. I wanted to play with something new before that happens.

This is what I learned today. I have curly hair. Never knew it. I’ve always thought I had straight, limp hair. Surprise.

Love the color. Absolutely love the color.

Speaker 3:               And it’s you.

Sherry Vincent:          Yeah. It turned out fabulous. Look at all that curl.

MAKEOVER: “Three Generations,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Bonnie, Pam and Amy flew into Minneapolis for a Grandmother, Daughter and Granddaughter makeover. Three different personalities but all three beautiful women. With Bonnie we kept her darker color which she preferred and I agreed. We added scalp concealer to make the hair appear thicker and brought out her dramatic style with eyeliner and brows. Pam was a natural beauty but the crisp eye makeup really made her shine. We toned the gray hair to appear more platinum than dull white. Amy had very difficult hair. She needed volume and with difficult cowlicks a fringe was not a good option. I love the shape of the cut and think she looks very elegant and put together.

Bonnie:                      Bonnie.

Robert:                      Bonnie, where’d you come in from today?

Bonnie:                      Actually, Decatur, Illinois.

Pam:                           Pam.

Robert (behind camera):    Pam, where’d you come in from today?

Pam:                           Kansas City.

Amy:                            Amy Henry.

Robert (behind camera):    Amy, where’d you come in from today?

Amy:                            Kansas City.

Bonnie:                      Maybe a different hairstyle?

Robert (behind camera):    Are you going to be able to maintain this on your own?

Bonnie:                      I hope.

I’d just like to see what another style would do.

I guess my son in law.

Robert (behind camera):    What do you think he’s going to say?

Bonnie:                      I think he’ll be surprised.

Christopher:              We like her white hair, but we’re going to color it. All you people go, “Don’t!”, too bad.

Pam:                           A friend of mine recommended you.

Everything was great. I loved Joanne. She was wonderful. I’ve had a great day.

I just want to look complete different than what I do.

I would do it all over again. It was great.

Robert (behind camera):    Would you?

Pam:                           Yes. It was great. No stipulations.

Robert (behind camera):    Whatever we want to do?

Pam:                           Whatever you want to do is fine.

I will recommend it to everybody.

Amy:                            … fresh and different, that’s fun, but looks still professional too. I meet with a lot of executives.

Our friend Linda Fricke told us about you guys.

Robert (behind camera):    She was in last week.

Amy:                            She was in last week.

It was absolutely fabulous. It was the most amazing experience ever.

Something that looks refreshing, and more young. I turned 40 earlier this month, so …

Robert (behind camera):    That’s a milestone.

Amy:                            Yes.

I told him that three hot chicks were coming back in his house.

Thank you.

Bonnie:                      Bye bye.

“Something Light and Fun,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

With a name like Cookie you can’t help but expect to enjoy her company. With already naturally curly red hair I felt growing out the top somewhat and shortening the sides and nape would be the right pick me up that Cookie was looking for. With crisp and youthful makeup and a deeper red all I really had to do was let her hair do it’s thing. The amazing reVamp! makeup and haircolor team made this makeover.
Carol: It’s Carol Cool, but everybody calls me Cookie. Something light and fun. Just shorter, and I want to keep my curls.
I think it’s fantastic!
Robert : Oh, fun.
Carol: Actually, I have a little place in Saint Paul, but I work in Register.
My hair. Absolutely my hair. It was fun with Christopher because he’s so excited about doing it. We could be here all night and he’d still be playing with it.
Christopher: I’m liking it. It’s a good way to end our Saturday.
Robert (behind camera): Do you have any restraints on what we can and cannot do?
Carol: Nope. I’m open. Thank you.
Robert: All right.

“Nothing too Radical,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®


Judy had worn her hair basically her entire life. At 40 her friends encouraged her to change it up a bit. We did. Not too much, but enough that she felt comfortable. I taught her the importance of back combing for a smaller head to give balance. Brittany Wenzel softened the color with a natural highlight and though she balked at first, she fell in love with the eyelashes.

Judy:                           My name is Judy.

Robert (behind camera):    Judy, how did you hear about us.

Judy:                           Through my friends. Lots of my friends have been up here for the day and been revamped. For my 40th birthday they are having me come up here.

The big occasion, the big 40th birthday, is time to get looked after.

It was kind of scary, but I think I’ve come out looking good and sophisticated, not crazy, but that’s what you don’t want.

I don’t want to see my hair shaved.

Robert:    Okay.

Judy:                           Probably don’t want to go too super short. Kind of always had hair that looks like this.

Judy:                           I want it to be a change that looks different, but I don’t want it to be completely radical.

What I was looking for was something different, but not super crazy.

Christopher:              The whole front of it here. So better than you can take this out [inaudible 00:00:51]. You can pull it up. You can pull it back. Still get the shape.

Speaker 4:                 It looks great.

Robert :                      Smaller hair, great hair.


Judy:                           Julian says that Christopher took half a foot off in 10 years. I’ll go for the 10 years.




“It’s OK to Take Time for Yourself,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Gloria Jean could not have been more adorable. Her daughters gave her a much deserved day of pampering and beauty at reVamp! salonspa in Minneapolis.Gloria Jean: Gloria Jean Olsen.
My daughter told me that she had a surprise for me and we’re going to go to a massage or have a makeover, so she has us all planned out. It’s kind of a Christmas / birthday present.
Christopher: Oh. I see you have a bobby pin to keep it out of your face.
Gloria Jean: Old fashioned.
Christopher: No, it’ll work.
Gloria Jean: I knew we were going to a place to have a massage and have some makeup put on, but I had no idea that it’s down in the cities.
It’s a wonderful day. It was a beautiful day to get to know you guys and that you took the time and showed your kindness and gentleness in working with the massage and my fingernails and my hair and my makeup. I learnt so much, and it is a science and it’s okay to learn and it’s okay to go in the next stage of life after raising a family. It’s okay to have time for yourself.
Christopher: It’s coming along. We’re giving her a little volume now. She does back home, but that product is great.
Speaker 4: We’re starting her eyeliner on the bottom. You really want to go over the same spot til you get it to the darkness that you want and then move to the next location and keep darkening it until you get it before moving on to the next.
Gloria Jean: I’m excited to see what you guys can do for me.
You’re just afraid to try different things, and you want someone that kind of understands the structure they’re talking about and your face. I work at a middle school. I work in the health office, and so it would be something that would be easy to fix myself up and be presentable at work.
It makes you feel younger and it makes you feel lighter for some reason.
Robert: Wow, it looks fantastic.

“I Feel Invisible,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Lynn came in from Dickenson, North Dakota feeling invisible and frumpy. She had been frustrated with her hair for awhile and spent a lot of time straightening her natural curl. Kelly Marciniak gave Lynn a beautiful champagne blonde, Amy Goulet popped some dramatic makeup on her and I tapered the back and shaped the curls so she could wear it naturally curly and off her face. I’d like to see it grow a bit more in the crown so I hope she comes back soon!

My name is Lynn Dirk.
Robert: Lynn, where did you come in from today?
Lynn: I came in from Dickinson, North Dakota.
I dry it as fast as I can and then let towels take over, then I use a big fat curling iron and kind of …
Christopher: Try to smooth it.
Lynn: Have my way with it. I’ve had this style for 15 years or so and I was looking on the internet, on Youtube at different styles and then I ran across Makeover Guy and was mesmerized.
I’m getting used to it. When you’ve worn the same style for 15 or 20 years it takes a little time for your mind to get around it.
Before I made the makeover it was basically just feeling invisible.
I love working with my natural curl.
You get to a certain age. I’m 57. I just feel invisible.
I love the color, love everybody here, and was treated wonderful. It’s been comfortable all day and really have had an enjoyable time.
I do. I just want to look my best. I’m kind of embarking on a healthier lifestyle and I think when you look better you feel better.
Christopher: She’s adjusting right?
Lynn: I’m adjusting, yeah.
Christopher: She’s had her hair straight for …
Lynn: My whole life.
Christopher: This is her natural curls.
Lynn: Since they’ve invented blow-dryers.
Christopher: She’s not sure and I’m trying to convince her, but everyone go “Yay!”
Lynn: I don’t know why but he’s madly in love with me 25 years after we’ve met still, so I think it wouldn’t matter to him what I did to my hair, but I think he’s doing to like it. He’ll say it’s so different. But he’ll like it.
Speaker 4: Different, but I like it. Do you like it?
Lynn: Yeah, I’m getting used to it.
Robert: Feel it. Touch it.
Lynn: This is all my natural curl. I told him you don’t like that my hair is always hard as a rock.

“Blonde to Red,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Brooke was adorable before but was ready for a change. Since she was in the job market I felt a stronger look would help giver more authority. We took the long hair up to a mid neck bob. Since her hair was very fine, layers would not have helped in this case. A blunter bang (fringe) also help camouflage a broad forehead and balance a longer face. I mean why not focus on those cute dimples!

Hi. My name is Brooke. I’m in from a little town in Michigan, right outside Ann Arbor.
Christopher: What are you hoping for? I mean, I have things that I can … visuals that would be … It depends on which change, if you want to do something different.
Brooke: Just a new, fresh look. My colors are warm. I really only wear warm colors.
Christopher: Can we go a little more strawberry?
Brooke: Yeah, that’s fine.
I came across some of Christopher’s videos on Youtube. I checked out his book, too.
I really like it.
Just to come out with a new fresh look. It’s how thorough everyone was. Not that that’s a surprise for this salon, but it was just a nice way to be treated. Trying to keep up with the change in age, you know.
It’s wide open possibilities, just to see what Christopher has in mind. Thank you so much.

MAKEOVER: “Choppy Blonde,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®


Carol waits 12 years after seeing us on Oprah to finally come in for her makeover.

Theme Music:           (music) How do I look?

Christopher:              I feel like I’m going to cut this stuff off and …

Carrie:                        Just make it really blonde.

Christopher:              Lots of, yeah …

Carrie:                        We want it, you want it more of a cool color?

Christopher:              Yeah.

Carrie:                        Okay.

Christopher:              I just feel like we could do medium.

Carrie:                        It’s going to be medium all around.

Christopher:              It’s going to be too average, and I don’t want that. We’ll make you a little more glamorous.

Carrie:                        Okay. Her form is in here.

Christopher:              Tell me how you found out about us.

Carol:                          A guest on the Oprah show.

Christopher:              That was many years ago.

Carol:                          Probably. I wrote it down and one day was going to experience it. Here I am.

Christopher:              Excellent.

Theme Music:           Looking good, feeling good. How do I look? You look good. How do I feel? You feel good. How do I look? You look good. You’re looking good and feeling gorgeous. Walks real steady in her high heeled steppers; she got lots of stuff …

Christopher:              Just thinking right now, when I first thought it might be a little too golden, so we might have to put a toner in there. I don’t know if she …

Amy:                            All right, and then we’ll do white eyeliner on the inner rim to really whiten and brighten the eye, make it look more open, like you got a really good sleep even if you haven’t.

Theme Music:           You feel good. How do I look? You look good. You’re looking good and feeling gorgeous.

Carol:                          This is amazing. Definitely, I’m so glad I came. It has just been, “Should I do it or should I not do it?” I’m so glad I did it.

Christopher:              Excellent. We reached all the expectations.

Carol:                          Definitely, and more.

Christopher:              Wonderful.

Makeover: “Thin Fine Hair and a Small Head,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Joyce came in from Hastings, Minnesota and was really not seeing her true beauty. Afraid of losing length, I left as much as possible while still having it fall into flattery. Margaret Bodensteiner created a very updated natural blonde creating a darker base and lighter ends. Kami Kleven taught some youthful makeup tricks and Joann Hopkins helped Joyce better understand how to dress for her body type.


Joyce: Joyce Murphy.
Robert: And Joyce how did you hear about us?
Joyce: Um, my co-worker gave me a great birthday gift.
Joyce: Joyce from Hastings.Christopher: You’re really old.
Joyce: Old! Flabby.
Christopher: Class of ’82?
Joyce: Yes!
Christopher: Well there you have it.
Joyce: There it is.
Christopher: Why do we even show up in the morning?
Joann: She wants to fade into the woodwork and have not have anybody notice her.
Christopher; Me too.
Joann: We already did the silhouette.
Joyce: Well, I like my length.
Christopher: Of course.
Joyce: I think I put that on there.
Christopher: OK. Well there you have it.
Joyce: Because it’s so thin I don’t feel like shorter styles would me any better.
Christopher: She’s wrong. But it’s okay.
Christopher: It will be dark into here and then light.
Stylist: And even a level seven, eight? I could do eight so we don’t freak out too much.
Christopher: Like this somehow?
That’s better. See how the length comes up like that it looks better than this?Colorist: Today on Joyce we are adding a little bit of depth and cooling off her color to make it more neutral. We are going to do a lot of hand painting so it looks very natural and the regrowth will be really nice and easy to maintain.
Christopher: What I have to do is not take your anxiety into myself because then I do not as good a job and I have to cut to make you look good.

Makeup Artist: We’re doing the whole lid with the all over light color. And this just evens out all of the skin tones and breaks it all up but using a color that is good for your eye color.

Joyce: I just want a fresh new look and get out of this ’80’s hairdo that I’ve had forever. I love my new look. Love it. Love the volume, the color, everything’s fabulous. I love it!

Joyce: Really short short haircut.
Christopher: Did you have a pixie when you were younger?
Joyce: I did! My mother kept me in a Pixie all the time.
Christopher: We’re creating a little volume. Look at that! Volume!
Joyce: I’m just amazed. Holy head of hair, I can’t believe it!
Christopher: You look very pretty. Do we agree now that you look very pretty? You can say it.
Joyce: Ok. I feel pretty.
Christopher: Good!
Friend: Look at you! Fabulous. Do you love it?
Joyce: Yeah. Do you like the color?
Friend: I love the color. I love the cut. I think you look spectacular.
Joyce: He is going to say “You look beautiful!”

MAKEOVER: “My Year to do Something Different!” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

I loved Lucy’s energy and positive attitude. It makes my job so much easier. Lucy’s basic color was pretty I thought but the gray had to go. She had just been doing highlights so Kelly Marciniak saturated the whole head matching her natural dark blonde while adding soft highlights. Amy Goulet taught her how to bring deep set eyes out and close set eyes apart. Joann Hopkins talks trend and why it’s not always a good thing. I just had a blast.

Lucy: Hi, my name’s Lucy. I came in from Texas. I heard about you all through the internet and also the Oprah Winfrey show years ago.
Christopher: Oh wow that’s a long time.
Lucy:I want a fresh updated look and I’m willing to spend whatever amount of time I need to spend on it. Whatever you think for my face shape.
Christopher: When I do this you look younger than when I do that.
Lucy: I would like a refreshed, revamped, updated look. I’ve had the same hairstyle and the same wardrobe for a long time. This year is my year to do something different. I had my last child go off to college so we’re empty nesters and I want a fresh updated look.
Lucy: I love it. I am so happy with it. I can’t believe I waited this long.
Lucy: No spiky hair. Nothing too trendy because I’m in a conservative business.
Lucy: I liked all the ladies who worked on me, the colorists, the makeup artists, Christopher, everybody, Joann, the whole team.
Kami: Your eyes are slightly close set so what I’m doing is focusing all of my attention on that outer corner to bring the eyes apart.
Lucy: It’s what to wear and what not to wear. Joann gave me some me some great tips.
Joann: Remember, this is a guideline only. It will not reflect your personal style or any personal taste and it will not reflect trend. What you have to remember about trend is it’s only as good as it is on you and lots of times it’s not very good on anyone. Be careful with the teenage daughter who tends to focus on trend, sometimes we have to watch that. She has your best interest at heart I know, but be a little careful with that.
Lucy: Thank you so much. I loved it.